Discount Hospital Bed Sheets

Just because merchandise is not purchased at full price, does not mean it should not be of a good quality. With the number of people employed and housed by hospitals and medical offices, there is constant need for quality merchandise. With strict budgets for scrubs, durable medical equipment and salaries, each facility looks at ways to cut costs. One of those ways includes discount hospital bed sheets.

Buying in volume is the best way to guarantee a reduced price on bed linens. Linen for hospitals and other medical facilities are in constant rotation due to stains, tears, and disease. Hospitals that disinfect linens in house are rare, so many choose to outsource the cleaning process. The sheer cost of cleaning can be overwhelming. There are some facilities that rent linens, instead, also lowering costs.

Just as a bed sheet is purchased for a home, the same goes for the style of hospital linens. They come in fitted and flat, with different materials ranging from Egyptian cotton to polyester or a blend. There are usually matching pillowcases available as well.

Permanent linens need to be durable to survive frequent washings. This is a control measure to prevent the spread of infection from one patient to another, or to hospital visitors and staff.

Disposable linens should be thick enough to protect examination tables and sterile to control infections. With hospitals concerned about stolen merchandise, a disposable sheet is a good option. These are used by one patient and thrown away.

Choose a supplier that offers discount hospital bed sheets and blankets in unusual sizes. Persons that may be especially tall may require extra long sheets. Compare the costs of more than one company. Also note if they have tested their products for wear and tear. Check reviews online and see if there is a trial option before picking a final linen supplier.